Health Studio Registration Numbers

Fitness International, LLC is registered in the state of Florida as a health studio, including under registration numbers HS3536, HS3951, HS3766, HS4130, HS4217, HS4182, HS4516, HS4471, HS4675, HS4845, HS4844, HS4939, HS4915, HS4934, HS5111, HS5819, HS6150, HS5217, HS4793, HS5793, HS5810, HS5681, HS5825, HS5974, HS5939, HS7159, HS7147, HS6647, HS6889, HS7403, HS6926, HS7177, HS6922, HS7339, HS7231, HS8226, HS7838, HS7853, HS7894, HS7516, HS8092, HS7804, HS8088, HS7740, HS8496, HS8851, HS9392, HS9470, HS10777, HS9511, HS9527, HS9530, HS9299, HS9300, HS9301, HS9303, HS9309, HS9526, HS9788, HS9483, HS9943, HS9556, HS9559, HS9554, HS9564, HS9544, HS9540, HS9570, HS9560, HS10564, HS10769, HS8581, HS8852, HS9482, HS10259, HS10538, HS10139, HS10566, HS10770, HS10345, HS11321, HS12729, HS12725, HS10227, HS10190, HS10024, HS10565, HS10148, HS11248, HS10993, HS11355, HS10567, HS11957, HS12555, HS13150, HS12361, HS12232, HS12376, HS12375, HS13169, HS13133, HS13135, HS12195, HS13387, HS15045, HS13852, HS15509 and HS15718 and in the state of Texas as a health studio, identification number 080543.