We are re-opening

Recent Temporary Closures
If your club has been ordered to temporarily close due to COVID-19, we will re-open as soon as we are permitted! Please check here for updates and keep yourselves safe and well. In the meantime, use the At Home Workout videos to assist you towards that goal. They are all found on our free Mobile App!

State and County Opening Dates:

Georgia – May 22nd
Florida (except Miami – Dade County) – May 25th
Florida (Broward County) – May 28th
Texas, Ohio, Delaware – June 1st
Indiana – June 2nd
Florida (Miami-Dade County, except the Coral Gables club) – June 8th
Florida (Coral Gables club) – June 11th
Virginia – June 12th
Connecticut – June 17th
Maryland (Except Prince George’s County) – June 20th
Washington, DC – June 22nd
Illinois – June 26th
Maryland (Prince George’s County) – June 30th
Massachusetts – July 6th
Saugus, MA – August 20th
New York (Except New York City) – August 24th
New York (New York City) – September 2nd
Arizona (Maricopa and Pima Counties) – August 27th
New Jersey – September 1st
Arizona (Pinal County) – September 3rd
North Carolina – September 8th
South Carolina – September 8th
Michigan – September 9th
Minnesota – December 19th
Rhode Island – December 21st
Pennsylvania – January 4th
Washington – January 11th
Oregon – February 15th
San Bernardino and Orange Counties – March 14th
LA County – March 15th
Riverside, San Diego and Ventura Counties – March 17th
Alberta – June 10th

Here are the links to your state’s guidelines or requirements: